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Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley Donates Transportation to Catholic Charities

Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley Donates Transportation to Catholic Charities


According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, nearly 3.5 Million Americans never leave their homes, limiting access to fresh food, healthcare and socialization. In order to eliminate the barrier of transportation in our communities, the Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley has donated a passenger van to the Catholic Charities Regional Agency to help provide transportation to those in our community most vulnerable. The van will include a 3 county service area including Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties. The van will be used primarily in its homeless assistance and outreach program to transport clients to essential services and assist in moving into stable housing.

“Through collaborative partnerships such as Catholic Charities and the Mercy Health Foundation, we are able to bring those in need directly to essential health services” said Crystal Jones, Executive Director of Grants and Contracts - Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley. “We want to build on our promise of building a healthier Valley” she added.

Faithful to the many priorities established decades ago, Catholic Charities remains devoted to helping meet basic human needs, strengthening families, building communities and empowering low-income people. Nancy Voitus, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Regional Agency says “A vehicle such as this one will be extremely helpful to the programs and services at our agency, particularly with the homeless population we are serving. We appreciate the partnership with the Mercy Health Foundation in serving the most vulnerable populations. ”

As Mercy Health, the Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley and Catholic Charities Regional Agency continue to build a network of support and service for those most vulnerable, a tradition of compassion, dignity and sacredness of life remain priorities for all in our Valley.

This is what we were meant to do.

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