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Champion Profile: Mike Durkin


As Fire Chief, I know the importance of taking care of the things we value, particularly our health. I have always paid attention to my health. As a husband and father of three great kids, I think it is very important to stay current on doctor's visits and routine preventative exams.

Those actions probably saved my life.

A couple years ago, when I hit the big 50th birthday, I followed the recommendation to have a baseline PSA and DRE exam. Both tests came back fine. Then, as also recommended by my doctor, I had a routine colonoscopy. That test also was good but the doctor mentioned that he noticed something "not quite right" on the prostate. Talk about scary.

I immediately made an appointment with a urology specialist here in town. He did a DRE exam and found some irregularities virtually hiding at the top of the prostate in a difficult to detect area.

A biopsy was done and it came back as prostate cancer.

Before making any decisions, my doctor carefully reviewed the different available treatments with me. I ultimately decided I would get excellent treatment locally and had my prostate removed via the da Vinci robotic surgical system. I didn't want to get radiation treatment so I was happy that the da Vinci process was available here in town.

Good decision. The procedure was successful and I was back to work in two weeks. In less than eight weeks I was back to doing all my normal activities.

As part of the process I had some ongoing therapy and treatment. Being able to get that done that close to home was great and helped me keep a normal schedule.

In March of 2011, I celebrated being cancer free for one year. I feel great.

I can't stress enough, the importance of getting checked. Because I followed doctor's recommendations and got the exams I needed, I'm here today. Working, spending time with my wife, watching my kids grow up, being an active part of my's all very good.

This is what we were meant to do.

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