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The Mercy Health Foundation empowers our local community to Be Well – Mind, Body and Spirit – by funding programs that support, inspire and strengthen the physical, emotional and educational well-being of individuals and families. 

Financial Support for the Poor and Underserved

Financial Support for the Poor and Underserved

To continue the mission of the Grey Nuns to improve the health of the community, especially the poor and underserved, financial support is offered to members of our community in need. Funds have been established to help Mercy’s patients with financial assistance to cover the cost of prescriptions, transportation to and from cancer or dialysis treatments and mammograms.

Mercy Outreach Program

Mercy Outreach Program

The Mercy Outreach Program provides in-home interventions and an array of support services for patients with chronic illnesses in our community. Mercy Outreach was created to help confront obstacles to managing chronic illness, such as social, family and spiritual isolation; financial needs for household and medical expenses; housing issues and lack of community support. Mercy Outreach emphasizes self-management skills in using community resources and connection with social, family and spiritual support. The program takes a comprehensive case management approach to solving non-medical issues associated with chronic illnesses that lead to repeated emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

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