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Children's Miracle Network
Foundation Toledo

2017 UT Dance Marathon

Saturday, April 08, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

Our Impact

  • Founded in 1991 in memory of Ryan White, Dance Marathons are taking place each year on over 100 university campuses across the United States and Canada.

  • In 2016, 1,000 students participated in UT RockeTHON, our largest turnout ever!

  • In 2016, UT RockeTHON raised over $147,000!

  • Since 2001, students, faculty, family, and friends have come together through UT RockeTHON to raise over $750,000 for Mercy Health Children’s Hospital.

  • Date
    April 8, 2017
  • Time
    10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
  • Location
    Savage Arena, the University of Toledo

Event Details

RockeTHON is... amazing philanthropy benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically Mercy Health Children's Hospital in Toledo. Every year hundreds of University of Toledo students stop to take part in a 13-hour Dance Marathon to raise money for this amazing cause. Countless lives have been saved with the money raised by this event and others like it. Since 2001, students, faculty, family, and friends have come together to raise over $750,000 for Mercy Children’s Hospital.

How To Sign Up

To sign-up for a Donor Drive account, please follow the link below. Click register and follow the steps to register. If you have any questions about Donor Drive, please contact Tyler Sill at

About DonorDrive

DonorDrive is the website provided for students, alumni staff members, faculty members and community members to individually sign up and raise funds for RockeTHON. Here, a profile can be made where friends and family can make donations to your account.  All of the donations given on DonorDrive go directly to Mercy Health Children's Hospital.

DonorDrive Social Media Tips

  • Post your DonorDrive link on social media multiple times a day at different times in the day. Why: Friends who only go on social media during a certain part of the day will see at least one of your posts and potentially donate to the cause!
  • Create a Facebook group and invite all your friends that you think will potentially donate to the cause. Post your DonorDrive link in this group, daily. This will allow you to target a specific audience when asking for donations.
  • Email your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other relatives your DonorDrive link. Write a short email about where the money is going AND why you do RockeTHON. Make sure to include your DonorDrive link at the end!

Our Mission

Our mission, as members of University of Toledo's Miracle Network Dance Marathon, is to raise money and awareness for Mercy Health Children's Hospital and benefiting Miracle Families. Through fundraising and the involvement of the campus and Toledo Communities, we will strive to make a difference in the lives of these children, and will always appreciate the opportunity we have to help make Miracles happen. We will serve as ambassadors for Dance Marathon and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, conducting ourselves as individuals who understand and actualize our motto, "For The Kids".

The money raised for RockeTHON goes to fund a multitude of therapies and equipment needed at Mercy Health Children's Hospital in Toledo, OH. At Mercy, we support:

Mercy Health Children’s Hospital, a member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, is a comprehensive children’s hospital, with pediatric specialists in many fields of medicine and surgery. Located in Toledo, Ohio and committed to providing the highest quality health care to children in a compassionate, family-centered environment. Mercy Health Children’s treats all patients, regardless of their family’s financial standing, and serves over 30,000 patients a year.

Mercy Health Children’s is more than just a hospital. Mercy Health Children’s is a source of hope and comfort for people everywhere. The miracles that happen on a daily basis and the thousands of children whose lives have been forever changed by the incredible staff are the most inspirational combination we know of.

335Ff2 6A72c0fbf51802dea6cc566ca7621d61jpg Srz P 377 258 75 22 050 120 0For more information contact Kristi Frederick, the Program Director for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals at Mercy Health Children's Hospital. Contact her at 419-205-7365 or

Our Miracle Children

  • AJ

  • AJ

  • Alannah

  • Alexis

  • Aspen

  • Ava

  • Ben

  • Ben

  • Bradley

  • Brandt

  • Bryton

  • Caden

  • Caleb

  • Carly

  • Cat

  • Charlotte

  • Conner

  • Coral

  • David

  • Dominic

  • Dylan

  • Elijah

  • Emanuel

  • Emi

  • Eric

  • Ethan

  • Frankie

  • Gaven

  • Gavin

  • Grant

  • Hannah

  • Hannah

  • Hannah

  • Henry

  • Jackson

  • Jeanne

  • Jenna

  • John

  • Josh

  • Kaley

  • Kara

  • Karis

  • Katie

  • Kelsey

  • Kiersten

  • Kyra

  • Larry

  • Lucy

  • Lukas

  • Lyndon

  • Marissa

  • Mason

  • Mauda Kae

  • Nate

  • Nicole

  • Parker

  • Regan

  • Robbie

  • Robert

  • Roderick

  • Ruby

  • Sage

  • Sarah Anne

  • Savannah

  • Teresa

  • Tyler

  • Valory

  • Zoie


Z Xw4vgd

FT5K is a 5K run/walk that is held on the University of Toledo's Main Campus to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Students, parents, miracle families and more get together to raise money and have a great time to help us reach our goal! During the run, miracle children are stationed at each kilometer. They will show you a dance move that you are to imitate to receive a sticker. If you have all 4 stickers by the end of the race, your name is entered in a drawing to win prizes. One hundred percent of the profit is donated to the local Mercy Health Children's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio to help with research and supplies. The FT5K was designed to provide a fun, interactive way to raise money For The Kids.

Contact Katie Jenkins at to sign up!

Extra Life

Extra Life is a international 25-hour long gaming event that is a variety of different games. Some of these games include video games, card games, sports games, and computer games. Here at The University of Toledo our event is 13 hours long where we have a gaming station set up at Dance Marathon. At the event, participants can play the games with Miracle children or just as entertainment for the 12 hour time period. Throughout the year we host a few tournaments, one of them being a 2 V. 2 Super Smash Bros Tournament on the Nintendo 64 Console. The other tournament we host is a 3 V. 3 Bubble Soccer Tournament. All the money that we raise from these events is donated to Mercy Health Children’s Hospital to help purchase medical equipment and anything else they feel they need around the hospital. For more information please go to

Sign up at

 Miles For Miracles Final LogoMiles for Miracles is a brand new event added to the 2016 RockeTHON campaign. Students will personally fundraise $100 to have the opportunity to participate in this 40-mile cycling trip around Toledo. Miles for Miracles is focused on raising money and awareness for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Mercy Health Children's Hospital. You do not need to be an experienced cyclist to participate in this event, just a passionate individual who likes to try new things!  To register, please visit Miles for Miracles DonorDrive.


RockeTHON is not only a yearlong fundraising effort, but a lifelong commitment. Although your time at the University of Toledo may have come to an end, your involvement with RockeTHON can continue to grow. We encourage you to join the movement by registering as an Alumni Dancer for RockeTHON.

Also, if you were ever a part of our RockeTHON family on a past Executive Board, you also have the opportunity to join the RockeTHON Alumni Board. The goal of the Alumni Board is to offer support to this year's Executive Board and plan its own fundraisers for Mercy Health Children's Hospital.

Want More Information?

Want more information on how to get involved with RockeTHON as an alumnus? Send us a message, and we will get back to you with other ways for you to work For The Kids.


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