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Mercy Health Foundation honored as three-time AHP High Performer 2018

 Ahp 2018

When you donate to Mercy Health, you can feel confident that you’re supporting one of North America’s most effective healthcare nonprofits.  The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) recently selected the Mercy Health Foundation as a High Performer for the third consecutive year.  

The Mercy Health Foundation is among 64 respected High Performer organizations from the United States and Canada ranking in the top 25 percent based on net fundraising returns for 2017 results.  More than 240 participating organizations were considered for High Performer status.

As a donor, this means more of your donation directly impacts the patients and communities served by Mercy Health than if you gave to other healthcare organizations.  The Mercy Health Foundation’s top performing net fundraising returns indicate our fundraising expenses are low and funds contributed by donors are high, compared to other healthcare nonprofits.

“Mercy Health has a strong history of giving and our philanthropic work creates an important connection with donors, volunteers, patients and their families,” said John Starcher, president and CEO of Bon Secours Mercy Health. “I commend the Mercy Health Foundation for achieving this designation, which ultimately benefits our patients and the communities we serve.”

When you give to Mercy Health, you’re part of something larger than yourself, something that will help your family, friends and neighbors live better and healthier lives and provide life-altering outreach to the poor and vulnerable in our communities. The payments Mercy Health receives only support a fraction of the cost required to help people fight medical conditions that prevent them from living their lives to the fullest.

Without donors like you, there is life-saving equipment we could not purchase, facilities we could not build, and outreach programs we could not fully support. As a donor, you step in to fill the gaps, bringing life-affirming health care, at the highest possible level, to all people.

Thank you for making lives better and communities stronger, especially for those who are poor or under-served!

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