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Man Up

Man UP Mahoning Valley

Man UP Champions

  • I can't stress enough, the importance of getting checked. Because I followed doctor's recommendations and got the exams I needed, I'm here today. Working, spending time with my wife, watching my kids grow up, being an active part of my's all very good.

    - Mike Durkin, Fire Chief

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  • I'm fortunate. I'm a walking testament to the benefits of early detection. Early detection is the key to the whole treament.

    - Patrick Wilson, attorney, Cortland, Ohio

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About Man Up

Man Up Mahoning Valley, a component program of the Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley is designed to educate men in the Mahoning Valley about the need to be checked for prostate cancer.

Our efforts are aimed squarely at educating and encouraging the men and women of the Mahoning Valley to talk about prostate health and to share information on the importance of regular examinations for early detection to prevent prostate cancer from taking lives. Our simple message: Man Up and get an annual examination!

Our message is clear- routine screening and early detection are the key to surviving prostate cancer. By increasing awareness and promoting the importance of routine screening, our goal is to save lives.

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Why Screen?

- From 1977 to 2005, the number of diagnosed prostate cancer cases have increased, while the number of deaths has decreased. This attributes to more men being screened, leading to more diagnosed cases, but less deaths due to early detection of cancer.
- Stages 1, 2, and 3 prostate cancer all contain a 99% survival rate.
- Early prostate cancer shows virtually no symptoms, so many men could have it and not even know it. Thus why screening is important.

Studies: A link to our Man Up study as well as study showing screening trends from 1977-2005.

Get Involved

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