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Mercy Health Foundation Lorain is pleased to announce that applications will be accepted from February 26, 2018 through March 23, 2018 at 4:00PM for the following:

The Paul C. Balcom Scholarship: This scholarship is open to dependent children of part-time and full-time employees (as defined by Human Resources) of Mercy Health Lorain or any business affiliate based in Lorain County, Ohio (i.e., Mercy Allen Hospital, etc.).  This Scholarship is based on merits, beyond high GPAs.  *There is no limit on how many years a student can receive this scholarship.

The Francis Patterson, M.D. Memorial Scholarship:  This scholarship is open to all individuals inside and outside of Mercy Health with the first preference given to those interested in pursuing a career in the healing arts.  *A person cannot receive this scholarship more than 4 times. Guidelines are attached to the application.

The Velma Price Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is open to African American individuals inside and outside of Mercy Health Lorain who are enrolled in nursing education at any level, and/or nurses pursuing certification or credentialing in a health care specialty. Guidelines are attached to the application.

Are you going on a medical mission trip this year?

If so, you can apply for the Denis A. Radefeld Humanitarian Award.  This Award provides a Mercy Health associate with up to two (2) weeks paid leave as well as a stipend to be used toward qualified expenses to participate in a mission-based project providing direct care to the poor and underserved.  Applicants must have at least five (5) years service with Mercy Health and the project must be approved as providing direct care for the poor and underserved and be consistent with the mission and values of Mercy Health.  This award is not restricted to clinical staff; however, applications must demonstrate they will be involved in providing direct care.  *No limitations on how many years you can receive this award.

All applications are available in the Mercy Health Foundation Lorain Office and online by clicking the appropriate link below.  Applications are available from February 26, 2018 through March 23, 2018 at 4:00PM.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation Office at (440) 960-3545 or Ext. 3545.

Click here to download the 2018 scholarship application.

Click here to download the 2018 Denis A. Radefeld, M.D. Humanitarian Award application.

For questions or further information, please contact Mercy Health Foundation Lorain at (440) 960-3545.

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