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Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund was established in celebration of our centennial year (1918-2018), to honor our foundresses, the Sisters of Mercy and build on the Legacy they created.  The Legacy Fund will help Mercy Health St. Rita’s address the community’s most pressing needs.  

While the most pressing needs have changed over the last 100 years, the Sisters mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus to improve the health of the community remains. 

Throughout 2018 the funds raised for the Legacy fund will help address the opiate epidemic through prevention, education, treatment and community outreach.  One key component of this is the Opiate Withdrawal and Linkage program.  This program has been serving patients who have recently completed inpatient detox, with linkage to services that help them through various aspects of recovery.

“We’re seeing the results of this program.  People are recovering.”

                Susan Hawk
                Behavioral Health
                Chief of Clinical Integration for Mercy Health

Please click here to download the Application for Funding School Programs.

Please click here to view a Patient Testimonial video.

Please click here to view the video "Opening Doors to the Opioid Crisis."

Please consider a contribution to the Legacy Fund and join us in support of our healing ministry.  Every gift will have a critical impact on the health of our community both now and in the future. 

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