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SRHC Foundation is made up of community leaders serving on five committees. Our overall goal is building a broad base of community and financial support for St. Rita’s Health Partners. This is done through recruiting and involving volunteers, developing community service programs, improving communications with businesses and educating both individuals and businesses on the benefits of financially supporting the medical center.

St. Rita's Health Care Foundation Board

Carol A. Buettner, Chairman
David A. Frost
John M. Leahy, Jr.
Jay E. McCain
Robert J. Schulte
Joseph J. Sreenan, M.D.
Steven W. Walter

St. Rita's Health Care Foundation Members

Annual Support Committee:
John M. Leahy, Jr., Chairman
Carl G. Berger, Jr.
Rebecca Boughan
Jan Kennedy
Walter L. Kinsey
Lee Martz
Shannon A. McAlister
Nancy McCormick
Michael J. McKowen
Janice A. Quatman
Jonalee M. Schmidt
Curtis E. Shepherd
Max Stover
Business Committee:
David A. Frost - Co-Chair
Robert J. Schulte - Co-Chair
Clay W. Balyeat
Thomas E. Biddle
Andy S. Farley
Brendon Gideon
Mark K. Jarvis
Stephen C. Johnson
Tara Joyce
Scott G. Koenig
John P. Miller
Gary A. Minnick
Robert M. Schulte
Brandi Trueblood
Major Gifts Committee:
Steven W. Walter, Chairman
James P. Reber
Richard F. Scherger
R. Steven Unverferth
Planned Giving Committee:
Jaye E. McCain, Chairman
Darrel F. Linder
John W. MacDonell
Zachary McCain
Robert J. Meredith
Patricia M. Morris
Evans T. Pseekos
Robert E. Shenk
Stephanie I. Shutt
Special Prospects Committee:
Joseph J. Sreenan, M.D.
Raymond DeCanio, M.D.
Tom Leininger
Karen C. Miller
Joanne Pasion
Beth Ryan
Herbert A. Schumm, M.D.
Tim Stolly
James W. Unverferth

Mercy Health Foundation Staff

Jacque Daley-Perrin
Foundation President

June Eisert
Development Coordinator

Judy Eickholt
Fund Development Coordinator

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