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Mercy Health Foundation Irvine partners with our donors to make lives better and communities stronger, with a special emphasis on those who are poor or under-served. We raise charitable funds to support the mission of Mercy Health - Marcum and Wallace Hospital.

We understand that impact is important to you. We are united around a single promise to our donors: Let us help you make a difference through our shared, faith-driven philanthropy. You can help ensure care for those most at risk, advance the level of healthcare in your neighborhood, enhance the technology for caregivers, and support your community hospital and primary care clinics.
Mercy Health Foundation Irvine welcomes your partnership as we work to make lives better-mind, body and spirit- for our neighbors in the Estill, Powell and Lee County region. With your help, we can continue to provide award-winning, compassionate, quality healthcare to you, your family, friends and neighbors - and all in our community.

This is what we were meant to do.

Join our mission to help the poor and underserved be well.

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Your gift makes lives better and communities stronger. Thank you! To discuss your interests and learn more about giving options, please call (606) 726-2119.