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Improving Access to Care

Mercy Health has a strong regional network of caregivers and a rich heritage of faith-based service.  The Mercy Health Foundation helps people access this network of care by supporting innovative programs that ensure everyone receives the quality, compassionate care they need. 

School-based health clinics

School-based health clinics

Children who don't feel well, don't learn well. Mercy Health provides three donor-supported school-based clinics which promote healthy practices and help minimize the impact of illness so students can focus on learning. Clinics connect students and families directly to needed health services right at their school.  Students, staff and families can visit the clinics for physicals, illnesses, obesity, chronic disease management like asthma and diabetes, or other health concerns.  Clinics are currently located in Mt. Washington School, Silverton Paideia Academy, Pleasant Hill Academy and Sayler Park Elementary, which will also serve the community in addition to students.

Ben Jackson Memorial Fund

Ben Jackson Memorial Fund

The Blood Cancer Center at The Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health, treats the entire family when caring for their loved ones during their most challenging days. During treatment, the daily essentials of life such as transportation, childcare, and essential bills can become even more stressful than they already are.

Ben Jackson, our 1,500th bone marrow transplant recipient, noticed these hardships of fellow patients first hand during his stay. The bonds he made with others from all walks of life inspired him and his wife to establish the Ben Jackson Memorial Fund for patient assistance in 2011. The goal of the fund is to support families with everyday essential support not directly related to, but greatly impacted by their medical treatment. To date almost $100,000 has been given to families in need.

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