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Improving Access to Care

Mercy Health has a strong regional network of caregivers and a rich heritage of faith-based service.  The Mercy Health Foundation helps people access this network of care by supporting innovative programs that ensure everyone receives the quality, compassionate care they need. 

Patient-centered medical neighborhoods & casework services

Patient-centered medical neighborhoods & casework services

With your support, this program is in development to provide the poor, working poor, and under-served with free or low-cost comprehensive health care services in one of several community-based clinics.  Patients will also receive customized services that provide support and long-term follow up provided by social workers, nurse practitioners and volunteers.  Our program will partner with community agencies to address clients’ other social needs such as housing, food, clothing and job readiness.

St. Raphael clinic

St. Raphael clinic

Mercy Health - St. Raphael is a social service agency assisting families and individuals in crisis in Butler County, Ohio. St. Raphael offers services to the poor and uninsured including a health clinic, medication assistance, eye exams and glasses, food pantry, financial assistance for rent or utilities, and other resources.

Our Programs Include:

MEDICAL OUTREACH SERVICES - Supported by Butler County United Way

Volunteer Clinic

Volunteer medical providers enable St. Raphael to offer medical appointments for individuals who are low income and uninsured. The top four diagnoses of patients seen in the Clinic include: 1) hypertension, 2) diabetes, 3) COPD, and 4) Asthma. Additionally, the City of Hamilton Health Department provides on-site immunizations to hundreds of children at St. Raphael.

Prescription Assistance

Every patient in the Clinic receives a comprehensive evaluation to develop a sustainable plan to afford and/or access medications. St. Raphael offers solutions to help patients obtain the medications they need to manage their chronic diseases. Together with the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy, this program enables patients to receive ongoing medications at not charge, on-site at St. Raphael. Through St. Raphael’s Drug Repository, we distribute donated medications to patients seen in St. Raphael’s Clinic.

Eye Exams/Eye Glasses

Through a partnership with Prevent Blindness Ohio, Lion’s Club and private donations, St. Raphael provides free eye exams and glasses. Local physicians will donate appointments or provide for a reduced fee.

SOCIAL SERVICES (Hunger and Housing)

Choice Food Pantry - Supported by Shared Harvest Food Bank

The Choice Food Pantry at St. Raphael provides an immediate response to hunger. We assess clients for eligibility and enter their demographic information into a database shared by other social service agencies. This enables the case worker to identify clients who are regularly accessing social services throughout Butler County to meet their needs. Once approved, the client is escorted through the food pantry by a volunteer where the client is able to select food items from all food groups that meet their family’s health and dietary needs. We adjust the quantity based on household size. Personal hygiene items and some basic household necessities are sometimes available as well. Clients are eligible to access the Choice Food Pantry once per month.  About half of those fed through this emergency food program are children.

On a regular basis, The Ohio State University Extension Office and Shared Harvest Food Bank provide an on-site outreach worker to offer health and nutrition information as well as assistance with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications.

Emergency Financial Assistance - Supported by Butler County United Way and the Emergency Money Fund

Financial assistance is available to individuals and families facing displacement from their home or other financial crisis.  Clients use this assistance most often to ensure continuation of utilities or to prevent eviction. However, other crises may be eligible for the assistance as well. To be eligible, the client must have recently experienced a precipitating event that resulted in the crisis situation, have the capacity to be self-sustaining following assistance and demonstrate need for the assistance.


Summer Heat Relief Program

To help those who have no relief from the summer heat, St. Raphael can offer a fan or air conditioner. Individuals with acute/chronic illness, seniors and households with infants are given first priority.


St. Raphael depends upon volunteers to serve the Hamilton community. Volunteers truly have the opportunity to change someone’s life. The following opportunities are available:

• medical professionals, including MDs, NPs, PAs, RNs, Pharmacists, Medical Assistants, etc
• clerical work
• program assistance
• drivers - pick up donated goods
• facilities support - cleaning/maintenance
• seasonal volunteer support – holiday program assistants
• food pantry hospitality and intake volunteers

Spanish-speaking clinics

Spanish-speaking clinics

Your gifts to Mercy Health Foundation help patients for whom Spanish is their primary language.  Mercy Health Physicians’ first completely bilingual medical practice—Mercy Health Tri-County Family Medicine—is located in Springdale, Ohio.  Dr. Karla Ramirez and her team are fluent in Spanish and English to ensure all patients receive critical health information in their native tongue.

School-based health clinics

School-based health clinics

Children who don't feel well, don't learn well. Mercy Health provides three donor-supported school-based clinics which promote healthy practices and help minimize the impact of illness so students can focus on learning. Clinics connect students and families directly to needed health services right at their school.  Students, staff and families can visit the clinics for physicals, illnesses, obesity, chronic disease management like asthma and diabetes, or other health concerns.  Clinics are currently located in Mt. Washington School, Silverton Paideia Academy, Pleasant Hill Academy and Sayler Park Elementary, which will also serve the community in addition to students.

Ben Jackson Memorial Fund

Ben Jackson Memorial Fund

The Blood Cancer Center at The Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health, treats the entire family when caring for their loved ones during their most challenging days. During treatment, the daily essentials of life such as transportation, childcare, and essential bills can become even more stressful than they already are.

Ben Jackson, our 1,500th bone marrow transplant recipient, noticed these hardships of fellow patients first hand during his stay. The bonds he made with others from all walks of life inspired him and his wife to establish the Ben Jackson Memorial Fund for patient assistance in 2011. The goal of the fund is to support families with everyday essential support not directly related to, but greatly impacted by their medical treatment. To date almost $100,000 has been given to families in need.

This is what we were meant to do.

Join our mission to help the poor and underserved be well.

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