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Our patients at Mercy Health want advanced clinical care, and we must continuously increase our investment in our infrastructure and innovation of employee education, equipment, and research to keep our people, technology and facilities on the leading edge.

Graduate medical education endowment

Graduate medical education endowment

A donor-funded endowment provides ongoing support for Mercy Health’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) program on the campus of The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati.  Our GME program provides hospital-based medical training for physicians, including internship, residency, subspecialty and fellowship programs, leading to state licensure and board certification. Mercy Health offers GME programs for general surgery, internal medicine and podiatric medicine and surgery.  

Nursing education

Nursing education

Mercy Health is known for its high standards in nursing care.  Our nurses are the best thanks to donors who invest in their ongoing growth and education. With your help, the Foundation provides over $150,000 a year to advance our nurses’ education and professional development. 

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