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Mercy Health Foundation Board

Chair: Stephen Ewald
Vice Chair: Billy Boykins
Immediate Past Chair: Edward J. VonderBrink
Impact Committee Chair: Karyn Dyehouse, MD
Revenue Committee Chair: Marie Mariscalco Boyle
Physicians Council Chair: Erin R. Fries, MD
John Burns
Sr. Cheryl Erb, RSM
Janie Evans, CPA
Honorable Sylvia Hendon
Senator Eric Kearney
June F. Landrum-Springer
John Langenderfer
Rajinder P. Singh, MD

Ex Officio:
David J. Fikse
President, Mercy Health Cincinnati Market 

Jon Labbe
President & CEO
Mercy Health Foundation

Mercy Health Foundation Staff

Jon Labbe
President and CEO
(513) 952-4018

Central Market - The Jewish Hospital

Jonathan Mann
Director of Development
(513) 429-9601

East Market - Mercy Anderson & Mercy Clemont Hospitals

Tricia Mullins
Director of Development
(513) 952-4014

North Market - Mercy - Fairfield Hospital

Elaine Hemmelgarn
Director of Development
(513) 603-8506

West Market - Mercy - West Hospital

Christopher Woodside
Director of Development
(513) 319-1864

Advancement Services

Teresa Dick
Director of Foundation Data Solutions
(513) 952-4816

Suzy Dorward
Data Analyst
(513) 952-4026

Sherill Pattison
Development Coordinator
(513) 952-4025

Lia Wilson
Donor Management Specialist
(513) 952-4021

Donor Engagement

Judith Caldwell
Director Annual Fund and Donor Engagement
(513) 952-4076

Becky Sittason
System Director, Donor Engagement
(513) 952-4012

Grants & Contracts

Alice Parisi
System Director, Grants & Contracts
(513) 952-4010

Brandon Leon
Grant Writer
(513) 952-4013

Strategic Initiatives

Ann Marie Welty
System Director, Strategic Initiatives
(513) 952-4011

Grace Danis
Foundation Coordinator
(513) 952-4065

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