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Champions for Children Giving Circle membership is about you making make a difference in the lives of children and students in our community. Member gifts may be paid annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. 

Each Champions for Children Giving Circle member will annually contribute a tax-deductible gift.  Your gift is pooled and membership collectively decides on the annual priority project for Mercy Health Children’s Hospital and the children and families it serves as well as the students of Mercy College of Ohio.

Circle Members are part of a dynamic group who will meet three to four times per year to learn about the hospital and college, plans, new physicians, new services, classes and more. Meetings will also feature an impact discussion, areas of importance or initiatives, college updates and scholarship recipient information, attendance or presentations as well as networking opportunities.

Circle Membership is open to all who have an interest in healthcare in our region.


  • Health care education and personal enrichment
  • Social and networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to empower and mentor the next generation of leaders and philanthropists
  • Make a larger impact than could be accomplished alone
  • Share talents through participation
  • Learn about Mercy Health Children’s Hospital, Mercy College of Ohio and the initiatives changing healthcare today
  • Name listed in appropriate materials recognizing your gift


  • Make an annual gift
  • Act as an ambassador for Mercy Health Children’s Hospital, Mercy College of Ohio and the Mercy Health Foundation, Greater Toledo
  • Participate at will in the work of the organization.  No mandatory meeting requirements.


Annual gifts are used to fund Mercy Health Children’s Hospital priorities and initiatives, provide scholarship support to Mercy College of Ohio students and build the endowment.  All gifts are deposited with the Mercy Health Foundation, Greater Toledo.  An endowment fund and earning fund will be managed under all current rules and regulations regarding funds as established by the Foundation. 

  • A calendar year begins January 1 and ends December 31.  Members may join at any time, however, the minimum annual gift or “dues” will not be prorated. 
  • The endowment will be fully funded when it reaches $200,000 and produces $10,000 in income.
  • This will be a donor advised fund in the sense that the membership of the organization will vote to determine which grant(s) will receive potential funds.

Other pledges related to Mercy Health or the Mercy Health Foundation are not considered in meeting the requirements of this annual gift.

Membership annual gift levels may periodically increase.  In 2018 the membership levels included:  student for $40 ($10 per quarter or $3.40 per month), employee (employees of Mercy Health) for $200, annual membership for $400 ($100 quarterly), sponsor membership for $800 ($200 quarterly) and endowment member ($25,000 contribution to C4C endowment fund).  Endowment members will have one vote annually for 10 years. Two categories outside these traditional categories were developed to welcome unique opportunities.

Legacy Membership was established to welcome members who were in full standing with the Mercy Health St. Vincent Auxiliary in 2015 when the organization was discharged. These former members of the auxiliary will be offered membership at a reduced level considering the investment made in the organization prior.  Legacy membership could include current auxiliary members of Mercy College of Ohio and Mercy St. Charles.

  • The annual gift will be $200
  • At the end of the five year legacy period, 2021, members have the opportunity to participate at the membership level of their choice.  This category of membership will be dissolved at the end of 2021.

Senior Student Membership was established to welcome members who are dance marathon students soon to be alumni.  They could join as a student member during their dance marathon career and the student rate would continue for an additional four years. 

  • The annual gift will be $40 for the first year and then $40 per year for the next four years
  • At the end of the senior student membership period, they would have the opportunity to participate at the membership level of their choice.


As a member of the C 4 C you can expect to receive information about the happenings at Mercy Children’s Hospital and Mercy College of Ohio as well as the Mercy Health Foundation.  

You will be invited to social, educational and general meetings.

Upcoming Events: 

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