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The Guiding Coalition supports the mission and goals of Champions for Children Giving Circle, Mercy Health Children’s Hospital, Mercy College of Ohio and the Mercy Health Foundation Greater Toledo. This is where the work gets done!

Tell us on the membership application which committee might be of the most interest to you.

People Participation:

Co-Chair:  Beth Bowman
Co-Chair:  Marja Martin
Primary Focus:  Identifying, cultivating and growing membership.

If you like meeting new people and asking them to get involved - this is the committee for you!

People Engagement:

Co-Chair:  Get Involved!
Co-Chair:  Get Involved!
Primary Focus: Meeting activity and educational opportunities.

If you like planning events - social and educational - this is the committee for you!

Coalition Activity:

Co-Chair:  Theresa Popp Braun
Co-Chair:  Lyndee Phillips
Primary Focus: Facilitator of the Guiding Coalition with direct membership on the Foundation Board through a committee or as a Trustee.

If you like making sure everything runs smoothly - this is the committee for you!

This is what we were meant to do.

Join our mission to help the poor and underserved be well.

Would you like more information on membership?

If you would like more information about Champions for Children, please feel free to reach out to staff member Barbara Lang at 419-251-8742 or

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