Gwen McGarry is a 9-year-old girl dealing with a host of medical issues. She’s been diagnosed with autism, a mild form of cerebral palsy, and a condition called KCNQ2, a type of epilepsy. Her mother, Gretchen, didn’t just worry about her medical conditions. She worried about her dental health, too. Gwen has difficulty swallowing, eating, and even opening her mouth. Gretchen knew it would be challenging — if not impossible — for her to relax and allow a dental exam. Thanks to you, however, Mercy Health — Youngstown Mobile Dental Care, a place that specializes in treating patients with autism, was available to help Gwen. “They used sensory equipment to take Gwen’s mind off the whole situation,” recalls Gretchen. “They use a special light that helps keep her calm. That was huge for her.” Because your donations help provide the mobile dental clinic and special resources for patients with autism, Dr. Jenelle Fleagle was able to determine the conditions causing Gwen’s trouble. It turned out she needed surgery to correct a tongue-tie as well as an additional tie in the upper part of her mouth. Since her oral surgery, Gwen is able to speak more clearly, brush her teeth, and eat and sleep better. CELEBRATE GIVING | WINTER 2019 YOU HELPED GWEN GET SPECIALIZED DENTAL CARE FOR PEOPLE WITH AUTISM Gwen and her dentist, Dr. Jenelle Fleagle, play games on the iPad to calm Gwen before her dental visit. Dr. Fleagle specializes in treating people with autism, who are often agitated by traditional dental exams and procedures. “Finding quality care can be so hard for special-needs kids,” said Gretchen. “I’m so blessed there is a dental clinic where Gwen can receive services from people who don’t give up on her. At Mercy, they’ve really taken it to the next level. ” _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Mail in enclosed envelope or email to Don’t forget to include your contact information! WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATION DONOR? Share your story and we may feature you in future communications.