b'CELEBRATE GIVING | 2ND EDITION 2020NEWBORNS NOW HAVE BETTER PROTECTION FROM COVID-19 BECAUSE OF YOUOne of the unexpected risks ofBut how could newborns be safely The infant care station is COVID-19 is for newborn babiestransported through the hospital toimportant to protect the delivered by caesarean section. the nursery? newborn from germs and To provide the lowest risk of virusThats when you stepped in with amaintain their temperature, exposure for mothers, Mercy solution! Thanks to your generous HealthSt. Joseph Warren something that is needed gift, the hospital was able to quickly Hospital started performing purchase a special infant carenot just during COVID.c-sections in the main operatingstation to safely transport the new-roomson an entirely different With this isolette, we can place the floor from maternity services.born. It serves as both an isolettebaby in it immediately, and they can and an incubator. use it until they are discharged, said Anna Klejka, director of womens and childrens services.Debbie Pollander, registered nurse and nurse manager of maternity services, wants you to know how important this equipment is for maintaining the health and safety of their tiniest patients.Thank you, donors! she said. We have such heartfelt gratitude that in a very urgent and timely manner we were able receive funding for this very high-tech piece of equipment to provide high quality patient care.Debbie Pollander, RN, nurse managerof maternity services, is grateful for your donation used to purchase a new infantcare station that will protect newbornsfrom potential exposure to the coronavirus.CONTACT US!Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley Paul Homick, President 250 DeBartolo Place, Suite 2560Youngstown, OH 44512(330) 729-1180 foundation.mercy.com/youngstown'