b'MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATIONWhy I Give:Jason Montgomery is TO SUPPORT OURgrateful for the donors FRONT-LINE HEROESwho ensured his doctors and nurses DURING THIS CRISIS had every resource to Early in the pandemic, Greg and Alicehelp him recover from Greenwood realized the COVID-19COVID-19 which made him gravely ill.crisis was going to have wide-ranging consequences for many people. They wanted to find a way to help remove that burden.There are a lot of people out there who are hurting and there are a lot of folks out there that could contribute and help those people, Greg says. JASON GOT THE HOSPITAL CARE As longtime supporters of the MercyHE NEEDED TO BEAT COVID-19, Health Foundation, the Greenwoods received an urgent request for dona- THANKS TO YOUtions to fund the COVID-19 responsein Youngstown. Greg says it was theWhen Jason Montgomery felt sick inWhen his health improved, he was answer they were looking for. early March, he thought it was thetaken off the ventilator and awak-flu. As his symptoms got worse aened from the induced coma. It was When I got the note that they weretest confirmed he had COVID-19.then that Jason finally camefundraising, I thought Wow, thats justBut thanks to you, the team atface-to-face with the team ofthe right opportunity and the right Mercy HealthSt. Elizabeth caregivers that had saved his life.thing to do, he says. Boardman Hospital had everythingHe calls them his heroes.For the Greenwood family, it is impor- it needed to save Jasons life andSince my family couldnt be there,tant that their donations to the Mercyhelp him recover from the virus. it was nice that everyone really Health FoundationMahoning ValleyJason was on a ventilator and in anseemed to care about me, Jason support their local healthcare providersinduced coma for nearly two weeks.added. The nurses would wave and and patients in their community. He was able to get a medication togive me a thumbs up. There were We know there are a lot of hurtingfight the infection and had recoverednurses with tears in their eyes, just people throughout the world, Gregenough to be removed from thevery excited for my well-being.says. But our journey begins every ventilator three days later. He gotHe is now recovering at home and day in this town and in the communitythe care he needed because of getting stronger every day. Hes even surrounding Youngstown. your generosity. returned to work part-time. Because our donations stay local, itIts a blessing to get that kind ofJason is thankful to be someone provides that kind of connection to care, Jason said.who survived COVID-19 and credits our local community.donor-supported Mercy Health for his recovery. I know the hospitals are really overwhelmed right now and would have a hard time without donors. It means a lot for me to even be here to say thank you to them.'