b'CELEBRATE GIVING | 1ST EDITION 2020DEBORAH AND SARAH ARE STEPPING OUT TO IMPROVE THEIR FITNESS, THANKSTO YOUYour gift means the free Stepping Out fitness program is available for Deborah, Sarah and others in the community. This mother and daughter duo are improving their health, making new friends and spending quality time together.Three days a week, Deborah Cun- be more happy with those numbers. Deborah is glad that your gift ningham, her daughter Sarah, andOn top of the physical benefits shesmakes this fitness program their friends dance their way towardseen, Deborah says that shes experi- available for her and for the better health in the Stepping Outenced social and emotional benefits,community.program funded by your donation. Ittoo. She and her daughter vowed to I cant imagine what my may not sound like muchjust a fewmake this a mother/daughter activityhealth would be like if Ihours a weekbut Deborah says theand she says that their bond haswere not participating inbenefits she receives are huge.Deborah has struggled to control herbeen strengthened as a result. Shesthis program.also bonded with her fellow Stepping high blood pressure and cholesterol,Out participants. I probably would be on a higher even with medications. dosage of medication, and I certainly Whats really nice is that the pro- wouldnt have some of the wonderful With Stepping Out, my cholesterolgram allows participants to becomerelationships that Ive formed. You has come down significantly and Iwhat we call a fit family,she says.cant put a price tag on the benefits have been able to reduce the amountEveryone is very supportive, andwe have received, and we are ever of medication that I take for myIve made many new friends as partso grateful.blood pressure, she says. I couldntof the program.Make your willa document thatCONTACT US!impacts a life.Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning Valley Thats what a will can be. A gift in your willPaul Homick, President is an opportunity to create a futureone250 DeBartolo Place, Suite 2560where a person with the most challengingYoungstown, OH 44512health issues can be successfully treated(330) 729-1180 and go on to live a happy, healthy life. foundation.mercy.com/youngstownYou can easily add simple bequest language in your will to include a gift for Mercy Health/Bon Secours. Call John Mercer at (330) 729-1189 or email JTMercer@mercy.com'