b'MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATIONWhy I Give:SO ALL PEOPLE CAN GET HEALTHY FOODS FOR GOOD NUTRITIONBridget Lackey has worked for more than three decades to help MercyFranks doctor prescribes fresh produce withHealth patients understand thea voucher to use at local farmers markets, impact that better diets can have onthanks to your gift to the Foundation fortheir health.the Fruit and Veggie Rx program.As a dietician and communityoutreach coordinator, she believes in the value of the Fruit and Veggie RxYOURE HELPING FRANK GET program, which provides patients FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES with vouchers to redeem for fresh produce at local farmers markets.FOR A HEALTHY DIETI feel for the working poor and theGrowing up in Youngstown, FrankFrank says he enjoys shopping at elderly who may not meet federalWhitfields family rarely got freshfarmers markets and often seeks out SNAP requirements for assistanceproduce, so they ate their vegetablesspecific produce items. Now I eat and can be overlooked, she says.from a can. As an adult, Frank knowsfresh fruits and vegetables that are When Bridget had the chance to givefresh fruits and vegetables are health- not just fresh but grown local, Frank back, she chose the Fruit and Veggieier, but the produce can be expensiveexplained. There are a lot of things Rx program because it helps morefor people on a limited grocery budget. that I look forward to because they people have access to healthy foods. Thanks to your gift to the taste better when theyre fresh. I love Foundation, Frank gets a beets, onions and bok choy. My Some people fall through the cracksprescription for the fresh foodsfavorite fruits are berries and peaches. and if they dont have someone to befrom his Mercy Health primarySome of these things I didnt even an advocate for them, they can be leftcare physician.know existed when I was a kid.without, she says. With my dona-tion, I know more people will be ableThe Fruit and Veggie Rx program,Frank is grateful for your generous to meet their nutrition needs. which is funded by donations likesupport of the program and has seen yours, allows doctors to prescribe amany great health benefits as a result healthier diet by providing patientsof his six-year participation.with vouchers for use at localSometimes thank youfarmers markets. just really doesnt cut it, butI had nothing to lose, said Frank. thats just the best way toIt was going to help with my sum it up.grocery costs and it was going toThis program is something that is incorporate more fruits and really needed, especially in an area vegetables into my diet. like ours where we have beeneconomically depressed for many a decade. I really thank Mercy Health for the help and support they give, said Frank.'