b'CONTACT US!Mercy Health Foundation Mahoning ValleyPaul Homick, President(330) 729-1180 foundation.mercy.com/youngstown250 DeBartolo Place, Suite 2560Youngstown, OH 44512 STEPHEN SURVIVED PROSTATE CANCER & WANTS OTHER MEN TO GET A LIFE-SAVING SCREENINGStephen Burbrink raises money and awareness for prostate cancer screenings. Thanks to your gifts, free testing is available for men at many convenient community events.Stephen Burbrink knows firsthandThanks to you, theres no reasonhow important prostate cancerfor men like Stephen to wait. Your screenings are. He was diagnosed donations to Mercy Health at 53 and immediately underwentFoundation and Man Up Mahoning surgery to remove the cancerousValley make free prostate cancer tumor.screenings readily available to any Being diagnosed with prostateman 40 or older. Men who dontprostate cancer awareness by cancer was something he neverhave symptoms and may not makeleading a survivors support group expected. He was strong and felttime to visit the doctor.as well as raising funds for Man Up. good. Too good to be sick. Too goodYour donations make free PSAHe organizes a Fuel the Fight car to have cancer. Too young to worryblood draws available at manyshow, a shave-off in November and about what would happen to hispublic events. PSA is a test used toa comedy show.family if he werent there. indicate a potential for prostateWith your donations and Thats what weighed on him most.cancer long before there areadvocates like Steve, you save What would happen to his family ifsymptoms, when cancer is in itslives by making sure no man he didnt get well or if hed waitedearliest and most curable stages. has to wait to be screened.just a little longer? Today Steve is active in promotingIts fast and its easy!Yes!I want to make a meaningful difference for patients!I want to help provide a better experience for those on the road to recovery! Enclosed is my gift of: $30 to create a better experience for a patient Just $30$60 to create a better experience for more patients $180 to create a better experience for many patientsmakes a meaningful difference Id like to help as many patients as I can with a gift of $____________ in a patients road to recoveryName (please print):____________________________________________________________________________________________________Address:_______________________________________ City:____________________________ State:_______________ ZIP:_______________Email:______________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________Birthday:_____________________________________ So we can celebrate you on your special day! This is a one-time giftThis is a monthly gift. I would like to be contacted to set up a monthly donation.Make checks payable to Mercy Health Foundation. Credit Cardgive faster at foundation.mercy.com/Youngstown or by phone (800) 999-2744.12857YOUSHT (9-19)'