b'MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATIONCARTER MAY BEYOUNG, BUT YOURE HELPING HIM PREVENT DRUG ADDICTIONWHEN HES OLDERLibrarians Danielle Bendel (L) and Marianne Minardi (R)have seen students like Carter Bilias understand the dangers of prescription medication abuse. The HOPE program teaches kids to avoid medications unless provided by a trusted adult.DONT TOUCH! confident and assertive, and over- They are so young and impression-DONT TASTE! DONT TAKE! come peer pressure to use drugs.able, Marianne said. Some of them Thats the phrase students at According to elementary schoolreally didnt understand that you Austintown Elementary School andlibrarians Marianne Minardi andshouldnt take something from just Austintown Intermediate SchoolDanielle Bendel, it was an importantany adult. By the end, they knew the chant now, because of a programlesson for their students.difference between an adult stranger you provide. Youre helping kidsThis program made a huge differ- and a trusted adult, like their own avoid drug addiction by donating toence! Marianne said. I talked toparents, police officers or teachers.the Mercy Health Foundation for theparents and they loved it. It hadntBut you dont have to take theirHOPE programHealth andoccurred to them to talk to theirword for it. Kindergartner Carter Opioid Prevention Education. children about drugs at this age;Bilias certainly learned from the HOPE teaches the youngest mem- they didnt think they needed to yet. HOPE project.bers of our community about drugThe instructor made it so fun and I learned not to touch, taste abuse prevention. The programengaging, Danielle added. Theor take something I find, he helps students identify trustedstudents were learning these thingssaid. And always ask a adults, make healthy choices, bewithout even realizing it.trusted adult!MAKE YOUR MARKHave you updated your will lately? You can use your will for good in our community. Make your legacy one of hope, healing and caring. Ask us how you can add simple language toinclude a gift to Mercy Health. Simply call us at (330) 729-1189 or email JTMercer@mercy.com'