b'MARILYNS CANCER WAS FOUND EARLY ON THE JOANIE ABDU3D MOBILE MAMMOGRAPHY UNIT, BECAUSE OF YOUYour gift means people like Marilyn have a convenient way to get theirmammograms on the mobile mammography van. For Marilyn, this meant finding her cancer early, before it had spread.Marilyn Fielding was putting off scheduling her yearlyirregularity that was confirmed as early-stage breast mammogram.cancer, which doctors believe they can treat successfully I would have had to make another appointment with mywith surgery and radiation. gynecologist and then make another appointment and goThey said that we caught it very early, which was a good sit in the waiting area with all the people getting X-rays,thing, she said. I felt better knowing that it hadnt spread.she said.Marilyn knows that her mammogram caught her cancer During a visit to her Mercy Health general practitionerin time for her prognosis to be good.she asked if he could save her a step in that process andWhen the doctor told me I had cancer, I said that I had a do her yearly mammogram there. He recommended thatmammogram last year and it didnt show anything, she Marilyn take advantage of the Joanie Abdu Mobilesaid. The doctor said that it can happen that fast.Mammography Van, a service provided by donor support like yours. Because of you, Marilyn didnt have to put off It sounded really easy, like there would be no waiting,her mammogram and was diagnosed early, Marilyn said, noting that she signed up and they calledwhen breast cancer is most treatable. the next day to get her in. I was glad that I got that mammogram. If I hadnt, it Unfortunately, Marilyns mammogram showed anwould have been much worse.YES! Im standing with youEnclosed is my tax-deductible donation tomake Mercy Health great for everyone.for the best health care! Please MATCH MY YEAR-END GIFT.$25, which will be matched to become $50I want to DOUBLE my IMPACT to help more$50, which will be matched to become $100patients! DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31. $100, which will be matched to become $200 $250, which will be matched to become $500$________, which will be matched to double my impactName (please print):____________________________________________________________________________________________________Address:_______________________________________ City:____________________________ State:_______________ ZIP:_______________Email:______________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________Birthday:_____________________________________ So we can celebrate you on your special day! I have remembered the Mercy Health Foundation in my will. I would like to have more information on how to add a bequest in my will.Make checks payable to Mercy Health Foundation. Credit cardgive online at foundation.mercy.com/Youngstown or by phone (419) 226-9044.13302YOULTR (11-19)'