b'MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATIONTHANKS TO YOU, MARY JO DIDNT NEED TO WORRY MORE ABOUT THE BILLS THAN HER CANCER DIAGNOSISYour donations to Joanies PromiseThe odds were stacked against recalls. I kept thinking, How am I eased Mary Jos fears and financialMary Jo McLean when her routinegoing to pay for all of this? concerns so she could concentrate onmammogram showed somethingFortunately, because of yourher health after a breast cancersuspicious.donation, assistance through diagnosis. There are four women in our familyJoanies Promise was available for and three of us have had breastMary Jo. Hundreds of uninsured cancer, Mary Jo says. When theyand underinsured women and men wanted to do a biopsy, I knew then ithave used Joanies Promise to help was cancer. cover the costs of diagnosticSurprisingly, Mary Jo says that herservices and other barriers to care, diagnosis was not the greatestincluding transportation. source of her anxiety. Even thoughMary Jo is grateful that Joanies she is retired with health insurance,Promise enabled her to focus solely it was not enough to fully pay for theupon her journey through breast services that Mary Jo needed.cancer. To be honest with you, theIt was very settling to me whenexpenses were more upsetting tothey mentioned Joanies Promise, me than the cancer diagnosis, sheshe recalls. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this cause, because there are a lot of people in my situation that cant afford all the tests. It was such a relief to have it available to me.Why I give: TO HELP MERCY HEALTH BLESS OTHERS LIKE WE ARE BLESSEDKaren S. Cohen found breast cancer statistics in her community to be incredibly concerning. So when the Mercy Health Foundation asked herto raise awareness and funds for the Mercy HealthJoanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center, she wholeheartedly accepted.It was so important and urgent that Karen and her husband, Jim, made a five-year pledge to the Foundation and, shortly after, Karen began serving on the Foundations Board, a role she has held for nearly a decade.Serving in this way has educated me about what a great impactMercy Health has in our community in serving the poor and the underserved, she says. Although my husband and I are fortunateto have good jobs that include health insurance coverage, we knowthat everyone does not have this blessing and could use a little help.Karen and Jim are proud to be part of the impact that Mercy Healthhas on the health and welfare of their community.We hope in our own small way that we are helping.'