Hospice care was so helpful for Dave and Carol Mirkin’s family that they want everyone to know about and support this valuable program through Mercy Health – St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital. When Dave’s father, Sam, was in the last stages of Alzheimer’s, the hospice team helped the family navigate Sam’s changing needs. Your donations allowed the Mirkin family to have the support of a nurse, social worker and home health aide to help care for Sam during his last few months. “Dave is on the board and I am a hospice nurse, so we’re quite aware that people often think hospice is just for the last few days,” said Carol. But it is for end-of-life and many people can benefit from hospice care for months instead of days. Sam had hospice for three months, which helped avoid numer- ous emergency room visits and manage his symptoms at home. “My mother- and father-in-law were absolute sweethearts,” Carol said. “Because of donors to the hospice program, they were able to spend Sam’s last days together at home. It was such a positive experience for everyone.” “It was about helping him live his life as comfortably as possible,” she continued. CELEBRATE GIVING | WINTER 2019 YOU HELPED THE MIRKIN FAMILY WITH YOUR HOSPICE GIFTS Sam’s family cared for him at home during his last three months, thanks to your support of hospice services. Name:_________________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________ Date of birth:____________________________________________________________ Phone number:__________________________________________________________ Email address:___________________________________________________________ Return your updated information in the postage-paid envelope before March 31 for a chance to win. Or update online at mercysurvey.com or call us at (800) 999-2744. Update your info and be entered to Win a new iPad! “We really want people to know how much their donations mean. It was the most perfect experience. We were able to be with Sam, and it gave great comfort to my mother-in-law that he could stay at home. ”