MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATION RESOURCE MOTHERS HELPS NEW MOMS LEARN HOW TO CARE FOR THEIR BABIES Courtney Jones was uncertain about her future when she got pregnant with her daughter, Baylee. So she moved back home to her family in Youngstown. That’s when a friend told her about the Resource Mothers program, funded by donors like you. Seven months pregnant, Courtney was introduced to Tam, her Resource Mom. Tam offered Courtney emotional support and connected her with community resources. When Baylee was born in March, Tam brought a diaper bag full of baby gear. “I was just so grateful,” said Courtney. Courtney takes nutrition classes and attends Empowering Moms meet- ings every other Thursday. Meetings cover everything from postpartum depression to dressing for success at job interviews. “Every time I went, they had some type of information to better ourselves as a new mom or a parent. That’s what keeps me going,” Courtney said. And Tam continues to visit every month. “She brings diapers and we talk,” said Courtney. “Things like that matter. It helps.” Courtney will soon begin cosmetol- ogy school and credits the Resource Mothers program for much of her progress. And she is so grateful for your support of this service that has helped her get back on her feet. “I appreciate the opportunity the donors have given me. Being better for my daughter and having the knowledge and information I need has really helped,” said Courtney. “Resource Mothers has been there every step of the way.” Courtney and Baylee have a bright future, thanks to you and the Resource Mothers program Khala Cameron may be a college student, but she already understands having to make difficult choices. Raising funds for the Sr. Margaret Mary Siegfried H.M. Ambulatory Pharmacy at Mercy Health – St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital was a way she could help others eliminate some of those hard decisions. “When I heard about the Meds-to-Beds program through the new pharmacy, I wanted to do everything in my power to support it,” Khala said. She made a choice of her own, and approached church organizations, corporate and community leaders, as well as fraternities and sororities to raise money to help those in need. “I know there are a lot of patients who can’t afford their medications,” she said. “They have to make the decision of ‘Do I pay my next bill or get my medicine?’ or ‘Do I provide dinner for my family or pay for medication?’ and that should not be a choice anyone has to make.” Why I give: BECAUSE NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN MEDICINE AND FOOD