b'CELEBRATE GIVING | FALL 2019PASTOR SCHEIWE GOT LIFE-SAVING CANCER CARE CLOSE TO HOME, BECAUSE OF YOUPastor Logan Scheiwe is grateful for yourwas reluctant. I said, Im afraid of generosity that allows him to get cancerheights. I cant do that, he recalls.surgery, treatments and the support heWhen I was first diagnosed, I needs close to home, at the Perrysburgwasnt scared, he said. When I had Cancer Center. He even helped raisesurgery, I wasnt scared. But, this money at a rappelling event for theterrified me! And that was a good Victory Center within the Cancer Center.thing because I learned that I can It was Palm Sunday, when Pastorface any fears and that Im not alone Logan Scheiwe went to the as I face them.emergency room with intense pain.When I got to the bottom, there I kept telling the ER doctor that Iwere staff members from thecouldnt be admitted.It was HolyPerrysburg Cancer Center there. Week. I have to be at church! heThey took time off work to come told him. But a CT scan revealed asupport me and my family, it blew 12cm mass on his kidney that wouldmy mind. It reminded me how change his plans.much they care for us.That week, Pastor Scheiwe had When I go to the Cancer Center, surgery and pathology confirmedits not something that I dread, he had renal cell carcinoma. Thankshe says. Sure, the news they to your donations to the Perrysburgshare can be positive orCancer Center, he is receivingnegative, but I know Im not treatments close to home.alone as I go through treatment When Pastor Scheiwe was asked toand I know they are caring for participate in a rappelling event to Photo credit:me the best they can.raise money for the Victory Centerwww.kurtnphoto.comat the Perrysburg Cancer Center, he Have you recently had a life milestone, like the birth of kids or grandkids, lost a loved one, gotten married? When you have a major life event, it may be time to update your will. Did you know you can include simple bequest language toadd a gift for Mercy Health in your will, too? Were happy to talk with you about your legacy of generosity to ensure qualityhealth care here in your community, for generations to come! Simply call (419) 251-2117 or e-mail us at fdntoledo@mercy.com.CONTACT US! Mercy Health Foundation Greater ToledoTim Koder, President & CDO2525 Cherry Street, Toledo OH 43608(419) 251-2117 | foundation.mercy.com/toledo'