b'MERCY HEALTH FOUNDATIONTOYS AND GAMES HELP SAGE PASS THETIME WHEN SHES AT THE HOSPITALFOR TREATMENTSSage was diagnosed with anPlay is one of the mostimmune deficiency when she wasimportant means of stress just 8 months old, and now everyreduction in children, andthree weeks spends 12 hours at theyou have helped Sage and hospital receiving treatments.others cope with theirThanks to your support, when she isillnesses through the Childthere, she can participate in artLife program.projects, play video games andIt is hard enough for her, so at least interact with other children. I know she has something to look The Child Life program keeps theforward to when she does go, Angie kids occupied, especially the onessaid. Sage tells me she just feels like that are in the hospital all the timeshes at home. Those words are a like Sage, said her mother, Angiesong to my heart. Because of donors like you who give McGrady.It gives them a chance to the Child Life program at Mercyto get out of their rooms. They can HealthChildrens Hospital, Sage isinteract with other people, and can able to play and have fun like othertake things like crafts and game children even though she has spent muchconsoles into their room so they can of her life in doctors offices and hospitals. feel like normal kids.Why I give:OUR NEPHEW SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN THE NICU,SO WE HELP OTHER BABIES IN HIS HONORKyle and Jill Leatherman give every year because they know even the smallest amount can help a family in the NICU.Kyle and Jill Leatherman were excited about a future where their son and nephew would grow up together. Unfortunately, their nephew Garrett was born dangerously premature and lived only one day in Mercy HealthChildrens Hospitals NICU. That day had a big impact on Kyle and Jill. When we were there,we saw all the babies and realized how fortunate we were to havea healthy child, Kyle recalls.They decided to give annually to the Mercy Health Foundation, with donations earmarked for the NICU in honor of their nephew. Thats where Garrett spent his short life, Kyle says. We wanted to honor him and to help others in his name. Because they saw firsthand the tragedy that Kyles sister went through in losing Garrett, Kyle says they know their donations makea big impact. Any amount goes a long way to helping a family thatis going through a struggle with their child, he says.'