b'COMPASSIONATE CARE|CLINICAL EXCELLENCE|COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITYAdvanced Heart,Lung and Vascular Care Close to HomeMercy Health Springfield is equipped with a team of highlyDid You Know? skilled cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, nurses, and other team members to bring the latest heart and vascularThe Mercy Health Foundation Clark & Champaign Counties technology to our community. From minimally invasive heartpartnered with Mercy Healths Cardiac Team to enhance valve replacement technology such as transcatheter aorticthe depth and breadth of cardiac rehabilitation services valve replacement (TAVR), to robotic-assisted lung surgery, tooffered at Mercy Health Springfield and Urbana. Through the high-resolution 3-D imaging technology of the heart, lung, andFoundations contributions, an enhanced program known as vascular systems, our teams are committed to providing youIntensive Cardiac Rehabilitation (ICR) is now being offered with the highest quality care. at Springfield Regional Medical Center and Mercy Health Urbana Hospital. Traditional cardiac rehabilitation programs are typically only approved by insurance companies for up to 36 sessions and focus mainly on exercise, with a limited focus on non-exercise factors such as diet and stress management. The new Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation programs offered by Mercy Health Springfield are approved for up to 72 sessions and incorporate exercise and in-depth education regarding nutrition, stress management, cholesterol and blood pressure management, smoking cessation, diet modification, and other important lifestyle factors.'