b'COMPASSIONATE CARE|CLINICAL EXCELLENCE|COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITYHolistic and Cutting-edge Treatment at Springfield Cancer CenterMercy Health Springfield, in conjunction with Mercy HealthCounties have been at the helm of implementing novel Foundation Clark & Champaign Counties, has continued toapproaches for heightening survivorship and prevention efforts. make significant investments in expanding the depth andTargeted measures include a greater focus on expanding breadth of oncology services for the patients we serve, as wellaccess to screenings, early detection and treatments, as improving access to these vital services. From investments incoordinated follow-up care, and continuing to drive education mobile mammography services, to instituting robotic-assistedand awareness around preventable habits which increase the lung cancer technology, to enhancing our partnerships withchance of being afflicted with cancer.experts in oncology services, we are committed to the fight against cancer for the communities we serve.Did You Know?In 2020, significant investments were made for lung cancer detection and prevention. Lung cancer is the number two causeThe Gala of Hope Foundation awarded nearly $400,000 in of overall death in Ohio, and the number one cause of cancerfunding to Mercy Health through a three-year grant to confront death in Clark and Champaign counties. Clark and Champaignand combat the continuing incidence of lung Cancer in Clark counites also face higher incidents of lung cancer rates than mostand Champaign Counties. The grant is designed to bolster the other counties. Every year, lung cancer causes more deaths thanlung cancer programs in place at Mercy Health Springfield, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancers combined.and will specifically focus on enhancing minimally invasive surgery, increasing low-dose CT screenings, heightening overall With support from the Gala of Hope Foundation, Mercy Healthawareness of lung cancer and funding a nurse navigator to Springfield and the Mercy Health Foundation Clark & Champaigncoordinate treatment and follow up for lung cancer patients.'