b'A message fromAt Mercy Health, our mission has remained steadfast throughout our Wendy Doolittle,storied legacy of caring for the Springfield and Urbana communities. Chair, Mercy HealthThis commitment to extending compassionate healing regardless of race, Springfield &economic status, or other social factors is central to delivering our promise Urbana Board to our patients and their families.of Directors As we continue to adjust and respond to the ever-changing needs of those we serve, we look through a lens of diversity to not only inform our strategies and care model, but to celebrate the differences we each have that allow us to foster a culture of inclusion. Mercy Health, in conjunction with other partners, has signed the Catholic Health Association of the United States Confronting Racism by Achieving Health Equity pledge. A pledge which acts for COVID-19 Equity, enacting change across our health systems, advocating for improved health outcomes for minority communities and population, and strengthening trust with minority communities.As health care leaders, we work each day to best understand how the lack of racial equality can impact access to health care. In addition, we work diligently to understand how social determinantskey factors in lifestyles throughout the neighborhoods we care forinfluence decisions and ultimately outcomes for those we care for. We hope you will continue to keep our local ministry, our Mercy Health leaders, associates, and constituents as well as our patients and their families in your prayers as we work diligently on tackling these issues within our community.Regards, Wendy Doolittle'