b'For the past 16 months, the communities we serve have joined together and demonstrated unparalleled resilience in fighting to win the battle against the Message from:global pandemic. Our commitment to one another, as community members, is Adam Groshans,what further strengthens the delivery of health care within the Mercy HealthPresident, MercySpringfield Market. And, as we have come to appreciate now more than ever, our Health Springfieldhealth, as proven by the COVID-19 pandemic, is one of the most important aspects and Urbana and of our individual lives and of our larger community. Our good health deserves and Kristy Kohl McCready,depends on continued investment in both human and financial resources. President, MercyAs the regions largest employer, more than $17.5 million has been invested by Health FoundationMercy Health through direct charity care, education, outreach, infrastructure, Clark & Champaignhealth improvement programs in specialties such as behavioral health, as well as Counties partnerships with academic institutions for services such as stroke care. These investments are made possible by you, as supporters of local health care and as benefactors of the Mercy Health Foundation Clark & Champaign Counties. With more than $950,000 in philanthropic support for health care programs in 2020, your contributions have brought good help to those in need in a variety of areas including much needed prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment, as well as providing new care sites where people previously lacked access to high quality health care. Our markets network of locations spreads across Clark and Champaign Counties. From hospitals in Springfield and Urbana, to a free-standing emergency department in Enon, to primary care and specialty physician practices, to therapy, imaging and other specialty care locationsMercy Health is committed to providing advanced services to our communities as well as growing our geographic footprint to bring high quality care closer to home for those we serve. Springfield, Urbana, Enon, and the surrounding communities we serve are recognized throughout the state as a place where artists come to thrive, adventurers find new roads off the beaten path, and because of you, our communities have become recognized as places where you can find some of the most advanced and comprehensive health care available. Cordially, Adam Groshans & Kristy Kohl McCready'