b'YOU CAN HELPPROVIDE THE BEST HEALTH CARE FOR OUR COMMUNITY Your donation to our hospitals means everyone gets the very best health care they need, close to home.Just $25 Will you help us be ready to care forBecause, as you know, that giving spirit helps a patient get the best every patient in the weeks and monthsis a big part of making our community equipment, services and facilities ahead? Many people will come to usa great place to live. Caring. Standing for the health care they need.for the health care theyve delayedwith others when theyre in need. during COVID-19. Giving our best. Thats the kind of As a not-for-profit hospital, we dontpeople who live here in Hampton The COVID-19 crisis has shown usexist to make money, but to serve theRoads. Its the kind of person you are!how vital it is to have quality, life- community. Your gift will help yourWont you help by making asaving health care close to home.neighbors, our communityand ifdonation today? Your support will Because of donors like you, our doctorsyou should need care. YOU! stay right here in the community to and nurses were well prepared to fighthelp a person get the life-saving the virus and care for those who are ill.Just a $25 donation will go a long wayhealth care they need.Your generosity makes sure were thetoward making sure we have the best very best at treating and healingequipment, services and facilities for patients with comfort and respect, noevery patient and can care for everyone matter the circumstances. who needs help. That cant happen without friends like you!Yes! Im standing with youEnclosed is my tax-deductible contribution of: $25 for great health care in my communityfor the best health care!$50 for great health care in my communityI believe in supporting my not-for-profit Bon Secours hospitals.$100 for great health care in my community Use my donation to make the hospitals great for everyone!$____ to give great health care to as many people as possible.Name (please print):_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Address:___________________________________________ City:____________________________ State:_______________ ZIP:_______________Email:_________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:____________________________Birthday:_____________________________________ So we can celebrate you on your special day! I have remembered Bon Secours in my will. I would like more information on adding a bequest in my will.Make checks payable to Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundations. Credit cardgive online at https://www.bsvaf.org/hamptonroads/makeagift or by phone (757) 889-5900.1400 NL Q2 2020 13964FOUCRD (6-20)'